Business to Business(B2B) vs Business to Customer(B2C) in Digital Marketing

Business to Business(B2B) vs Business to Customer(B2C) in Digital Marketing

If you have worked in the digital marketing world, you’re familiar with B2B and B2C business types. B2B focus on selling services and products straightforwardly to different organizations while B2C attempts to sell its services and products straightforwardly to customers for personal use.

Can a company have both B2B and B2C as marketing strategies? Of course, for an example take In here the Merchants have the ability to market their brand on the website where the website is able to sell merchant’s services or products directly to the customers. Merchant and has a B2B relationship. Customer and has a B2C relationship. And everyone gets to win here. 

Want to know how?

As a merchant,

  • You get the ability to start your own business on by registering and providing services and products on the web. 
  • Loyal merchants get discount on their commission from 

As a customer.

  • You get the facility to check for the services and products on the site and order it via online. 
  •  You will also get the facility to pay in interest-free 3 installments on
  • Vast variety of online Payment options (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Sampath Vishwa, Frimi)

Common mistakes to avoid in B2B and B2C

B2B Don’ts

Try not to invest an excess of energy on some unacceptable platforms – Endeavoring to produce leads via social media platforms that are more custom fitted for customers than businesses (for example Instagram) is just a waste of time.  Ideal social media networks for B2B includes LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

B2C Don’ts

Remember your touch focuses – The objective of B2C marketing is to make it quick and basic for customers to buy your product or service. In this way, ensure you’re making clear suggestions to take action with speedy and simple ways for your customer to end purchasing what they want.

Try not to fail to focus on your clients’ problem areas – Keep in mind, your product or service has been made to meet a particular need. Make it clear what its motivation is and appeal to the buyer who will most profit based on the thing you’re advertising.

Try not to attempt to be smart – In the event that it doesn’t work out easily, your cleverness probably will fly right by your customers. The most effective way to get clients to purchase your product or service is be coming to the heart of the matter. Making a decent attempt to seem to be clever or cunning backfires more often than not.

By the day’s end, understanding your business model is the main advance in making a compelling marketing strategy that will ultimately prompt achievement

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